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"Infinite Information provides solutions to more effectively and efficiently manage personnel.  We can reduce operational costs, investigation times, training and certification.  We can customize a solution tailored to your need such as integrating an advanced High Definition (HD) cameras with a comprehensive video management system that combines powerful network video recorders (NVRs)."


We are a logistics solutions company helping First Responder Organizations reach a new level of excellence in fleet operations and management.  Our revolutionary Mobile Environment Awareness InfiniteVision 1-Click System puts managers remotely onboard every vehicle that has our system installed. InfiniteVision 1-Click provides managers and personnel onboard the vehicle with real-time 360-degree video, telematics, and reporting.


Ambulances | Fire Trucks | Rescue Equipment | Public Works | Utilities Departments | Construction Companies | Landscaping Companies | Any Company with a need to show best practices/safest protocols/regulatory compliance


We can reduce operational costs, investigation times, training and certification. We help reduce litigations and payouts to claimants. We help you identify "bad seeds" as well as top performers.


Infinite Information provides solutions to more effectively and efficiently manage personnel. Our system increases transparency to the community/shareholders/management


The InfiniteVision 1-Click System provides managers with information about each vehicle’s operational performance, location, fuel consumption, braking and acceleration, and many other telematics provided by the vehicle’s engine control unit, as well as 360-degree panoramic HD quality view of the area surrounding the vehicle. This information can assist managers in establishing procedures and practices that help increase operational efficiency and maximize the lifecycle of each vehicle in the fleet, resulting in cost savings.


At any time, managers can retrieve information about the status of a vehicle using the InfiniteVision 1-Click System’s review tool. The InfiniteVision 1-Click System’s reports function allows for intensive reporting, including canned and Ad Hoc queries. Searches can be conducted by either time, location, or events.

As First Responder Organizations across the Nation look for ways to better serve and create value for their constituents, Infinite Information has responded with its patent pending InfiniteVision 1-Click System. Infinite Information is the right partner, with the right solution, at the right time.



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